Sexy Saturday: Cruising Cowboys

sexy saturday: cruising cowboys

Welcome to Sexy Saturdays, a new Somewhere Books series.  Every Saturday, we’ll highlight a (usually funny or campy) vintage image or magazine.  Don’t worry, it won’t be extremely graphic; but it might get kinda sexy.

This gem, Cruising Cowboys, is a photo “story” in magazine format, about two cowboys doing what cowboys do.  It was published by Blueboy (out of Miami, FL) in 1981, as part of the “10 Best Men” series. Here’s the brilliant introduction to the magazine:

The story begins with The Standoff, in which two tough hombres check each other out. Witness the heaviest cruise since the ark! Just moments later, our Heroes, deciding that they really like what they see, engage in a grueling test of manhood. It seems as if lightning is striking, sending sparks through the skies, as The Kid and Bad Bart collide in The Shootout. After all the action, see this pair of hot men cool off as they relax in the sun, letting their guard down in The Siesta.

“The heaviest cruise since the ark!” That’s pretty good, huh?  Enjoy these images, along with a couple of advertisements from the same publication. (Click the “Continue Reading” link below, for more images.)

Sexy Saturday: cruising cowboys

Sexy Saturday: Cruising Cowboys

Sexy Saturday: Cruising Cowboys

Sexy Saturday: Cruising Cowboys

Sexy Saturday: Cruising Cowboys

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