Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis

Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis

Welcome to Sexy Saturday, a Somewhere Books series.  Every Saturday, we highlight a (usually funny or campy) vintage image or magazine.  Don’t worry, it won’t be extremely graphic; but it might get kinda sexy.

This week’s images come from the March 1963 issue of Young Adonis, a male physique pictorial magazine. It features both color and black/white images of mostly nude young men, usually in posing straps. The guys in these pictures are adorable, and the magazine tries to present a happy-go-lucky vibe, rather than a sultry, “I’m-posing-for-the-camera-enticingly” look. Usually.

The last image is of the magazine’s back cover. It features 16 “handy wallet-size photos” of the magazine’s top stars. You know you want to collect them all!

Enjoy these images, and check out the Somewhere Books online store to get your hands on a copy.

Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis

Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis

Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis

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2 responses to “Sexy Saturday: Young Adonis”

  1. KC says :

    Love reading/viewing these posts … thanks for sharing …

  2. emily says :

    I love the somersault/football toss pic! Yeah, I agree with KC, thanks for sharing.

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