Sexy Saturday: Lucky

Sexy Saturday: Lucky

Welcome to Sexy Saturday, a Somewhere Books series.  Every Saturday, we highlight a (usually funny or campy) vintage image or magazine.  Don’t worry, it won’t be extremely graphic; but it might get kinda sexy.

This week, it’s a page from In Touch (“I.T.“) magazine, from January 1982. Here’s the text of the page, in case you can’t read it:

We know nothing about Lucky except that he has “Mike” tattooed on his arm. (His name? . . . or a special friend’s?) What we do know is that here is a body that Botticelli should have painted and a face that Caravaggio did, sweetness with a touch of craft, fallen angelic beauty brought down to earth. All poetry aside, here is a street boy who looks extremely available. Lucky didn’t get his nickname by being an altar boy, after all. But he’s a tender 18-year-0ld, getting his act together, or something like that, in New York City, throwing the dice, spinning the wheels, lighting up jackpots. Winner take all. Baby needs shoes. These slots are hot.

When you’re done rolling your eyes, enjoy the photos!

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