Book Giveaway: Gay Ice-Skating Novel

Book Giveaway: Gay Ice-Skating Novel

Today’s giveaway prize is an advance uncorrected proof of the 2003 novel Gay Blades by Ben Tyler. What’s gayer than ice-skating? Nothing.

Here’s the teaser from the back cover:

Never in a million years did lean, muscled, competitive figure skater Garry Windsor imagine he’d sink to performing nightly in “Gold in Ice,” a glittery, gaudy, touring ice-skating show. Maybe if he hadn’t fallen on his adorable buns with each attempted quad jump during his one-shot Olympic program, he’d be beaming from a box of cereal. Garry’s only consolation is his best friend and fellow skater Jay Logan. When the two aren’t gyrating on the ice, they’re scorching the sheets at every Motel 6 with their male fans, dreaming of rich husbands and life without the soulless frostbite of pro skating . . . Then they adopt a protégé–and watch in horrified amazement as he claws his way to the top over their beautifully bare backs. Now, it’s time for revenge . . .

You can win a copy of this book! The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday, January 23. At that time, I’ll contact you for your mailing address and ship it out!

Just click on the link below to enter!

[The contest has now ended. Congratulations to Joseph Barcia, the winner! Stay tuned for more giveaways!]


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