Book Feature: Boy Trouble, Vol. 2

Book Feature: Boy Trouble, Vol. 2Book Feature: Boy Trouble, Vol. 2

Today’s book feature is the gay comic collection Boy Trouble, Vol. 2, edited by Robert Kirby and David Kelly; it was published in 2008 by Green Candy Press.

Green Candy Press is a small publisher in San Francisco, specializing in books on gay topics and books about S&M, drugs, and art. Boy Trouble started as a zine-style comic in the mid-1990’s, and this is the second volume of Boy Trouble anthologies.

The very first comic in this anthology (Then There Was Claude) is by Howard Cruse, a well-known gay comic artist and founder of Gay Comix, a series published in the 1980’s. All in all, this full-color book contains 29 comics in a variety of styles. Some of them are pretty sexy, but the majority of them focus on humor or a storyline.

My favorites are Ex Communication, by Todd Brower and Steve MacIsaac (about two bear ex’s who get together for a beer) and The Voodoo You Do–So Well, by Tim Fish.

This slick, well-bound book is bargain priced at $15. And with a recommendation from Alison Bechdel (“Boy Trouble boys are my kinda boys!”), you’ll want to get your hands on a copy!

To order a copy, visit

To browse a great selection of vintage gay comics (including Gay Comix, founded by Howard Cruse), visit the Somewhere Books online store.


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