Jason2012Thank you for visiting the Somewhere Books blog! I’m a lover of literature, LGBTQ history, and vintage books; and so I founded Somewhere Books in 2012, near Asheville, NC. Through Somewhere Books I sell vintage LGBTQ books and magazines online; share information and history about LGBTQ books on this blog; and seek to spread the word about LGBTQ literature!

Visit my online store on abebooks.com, contact me via email at info@somewherebooks.com, and keep an eye on this blog for news, author profiles, special offers, and more!

I am actively buying books with LGBTQ themes (fiction and non-fiction, primarily vintage). If you would like to talk to me about your collection–or if you are looking for a specific book–please send me an email at info@somewherebooks.com.

Thank you for visiting the Somewhere Books blog, and happy reading!

–Jason Pierson


One response to “About”

  1. r.m. patton says :

    Jason, you’re blog is an inspiration. Thank you for providing the public with your specific homage to this literary niche. It is a pleasure.

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